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Masa Ito
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Masa Ito

Senior Director, Head of Enterprise Insights and Digital Solutions (EIDS), Advanced Informatics and Analytics (AIA), Astellas Pharma Inc.
Masa Ito earned a Ph.D. in Statistical Science in 2009 at Osaka University and got an MBA at Tsukuba University. He joined Astellas in 2002 and worked as Biostatistician in the drug development space around 15 years. He joined the Advanced Informatics and Analytics in 2016 and has been leading the global analytics group. Masa and his colleagues conducted more than 100 advanced analytics projects with various partners in Astellas to solve complex business problems through data, inductive statistical science, deductive modeling, massive simulation techniques, and strategic decision analysis.
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Tuesday, 04 April, 2023 / 04:15 PM - 04:45 PM JST
Case Study: Corporate digital transformation in Astellas: end-to-end solution by advanced analytics and modeling

Astellas has formulated "Corporate Strategic Plan 2021" and has positioned DX as a critical enabler there. Pharmaceutical R&D is a highly uncertain space, with a long-term required to bring a drug to market and a low probability of success. Inductive analytics based on existing data is not sufficient for DX success in corporate management; new digital technologies are needed to introduce deductive modeling into strategic decision making. I will introduce our efforts to maximize VALUE for patients by utilizing the power of analytics and modeling to all value chains, from high-level decision making, such as drug portfolio strategy, to the development and marketing of individual products, and even to the implementation of HR and organizational change.

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