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Yasushi Takenaga
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Yasushi Takenaga

General Manager of Beisia Group Solutions, Beisia Group Solutions
Engaged in the retail business for a quarter of a century, starting with the Sony Music mail-order retail business. I lead a wide range of sites from product development to marketing. Since 2010, I have been involved in the digital business of Cainz Co., Ltd., and have been engaged in the realization of "omni-channelization" and "unified commerce." Since 2017, I have been appointed as General Manager of currently Beisia Group Solutions, which supervises the company-wide IT business of the Beisia Cainz Group, which has a sales scale of over 1 trillion yen. I am up to now.
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Wednesday, 05 April, 2023 / 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM JST
Guest Keynote: Utilization of data~ updating of the mindset of the person in charge is necessary~

Cainz Beisia, whose sales scale exceeds 1 trillion yen, analyzes and utilizes data for each company. Detailed analysis by the person in charge, constant consideration, and updating of the way of thinking are indispensable. Our strength lies in our own analysis rather than that of other companies. I'll tell you a part of the process up to this point. (tentative)

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