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Katsuya Kokubo
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Katsuya Kokubo

Vice President /Enterprise Service Management, Enterprise Information Solutions, Global, Kao Corporation
In April 1991, Mr. Kokubo joined Kao's Information Systems Division. Since then, Mr. Kokubo has been in charge of systems in a wide range of business areas, including accounting, supply chain, and human resources.
Mr. Kokubo has participated in numerous system implementation and deployment projects as a member or project management, focusing on global business standardization projects utilizing ERP.
Mr. Kokubo has been in current position since July 2019. Mr. Kokubo is responsible for areas such as systems and ICT infrastructure for employees.
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Tuesday, 30 August, 2022 / 02:10 PM - 02:40 PM JST
Case Study: Our Approach to Comfortable and Secure Hybrid Work

Provide "a pleasant and safe working environment anytime, anywhere". Even before the Corona disaster, that has been one of the key roles of the Information Systems Department. In order to provide employees with such a comfortable environment even in the midst of major changes where hybrid work styles are becoming the norm, we are driving activities such as promoting the use of collaboration tools and organizing and strengthening security measures based on the zero-trust premise. Examples of our efforts and the direction where we are aiming for will be presented, including activities in which they are exploring various options.

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