4 Must-Have Practices for Successful Organizational Change

Organizational change isn't a mystery, but does require mastery of some "easier said than done" practices.

Key  Challenges

  • Organizations don't take a methodical, transparent and repeatable approach to organizational change. 
  • Organizational change activities are started too late and not integrated into transformation activities. 
  • Conflicting messages about what is changing can splinter the audience and create unnecessary anxiety that will ultimately derail a change effort. 
  • Top-down messages that are too general leave much open to interpretation, and do not provide enough direction to enable members of the organization to take specific action.


  • Adopt an existing organizational change methodology, but tailor it to integrate into your organization's culture with successive use. Start organizational change planning and communication as soon as a change is identified.
  • Create a compelling vision that can be shared in a story to inspire and motivate desire for the change. Repeat the vision and story through multimedia channels to ensure it is received by different stakeholder groups.
  • Develop a structured communication plan to synchronize all communication by assigning specific activities and creating common messages to reinforce.
  • Build a peer advocate network. Identify and coach peer advocates to adapt the top-level story by isolating specific messages that will be meaningful for their stakeholder group.

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