9 Questions That Should Be in Every Employee Engagement Survey

To get the most out of employee engagement surveys, focus on key performance drivers, not just feel-good barometers.

Key  Findings

Sentiment-based questions are common on the formal annual or bi-annual surveys that organizations use to gauge employee engagement and the responses reveal some of what employees feel about their jobs and workplace. Such questions aren’t especially effective, however, at surfacing whether employees feel motivated to put energy and effort into their work beyond the minimum level required — and to what degree, therefore, they will be productive.

Gartner recommends 

It’s important to focus the survey on questions that help organizations improve employee performance. “Companies should focus their employee engagement surveys on specific drivers of performance,” says Iliyana Hadjistoyanova, Sr Principal, Research at Gartner.

Download this infographic and see the 9 questions that should be in every employee engagement survey.

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