Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Circle

The acceleration of digital in the workplace means that CHROs must lead the enterprise and its people through this time of digitalization. The era of digital transformation has presented CHROs with new challenges. CHROs must understand the goals of all the leaders across the HR organization and make steps to improve employee experience, talent acquisition and retention.

The CHRO Circle provides chief human resources officer (CHROs) with an enhanced experience through exclusive presentations. Participants have the chance to form valuable peer connections, improve their leadership skills and understand how to advance business objectives in a digital business.

Qualifiers for admission to the CHRO Circle include:

  • Enterprise-level CHRO for the highest parent organization of their company
  • Regional/Divisional/Business Unit CHRO of their company with more than 5,000 employees within that respective region/division/business unit

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Join us to:

  • Grow your community and network with executives on your level
  • Get access to exclusive content from the experts
  • Find out what your peers are doing and how you can leverage their learning in your own strategy
  • Accelerate your digital journey and solve your employee, retention and culture challenges
  • Gain expert advice with an exclusive 30 minute one-on-one with a Gartner expert

The CHRO Circle program will include:

  • Exclusive lunches
  • CHRO Roundtables
  • Priority 1:1 booking