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Check out the below pieces of research to get a taste of what we will build on in 2019.


Key Priorities for CHROs in 2018


We surveyed over 100 CHROs to determine their most pressing priorities for 2018, as well as the extent to which their CEOs set these priorities. By weighing the CHROs’ most urgent priorities against those set by their CEOs, we have determined 3 key priorities that you should be considering when setting your current agenda. 

  • Digitalizing HR to improve HR services and the employee experience
  • Continuous performance management
  • Enhancing the employee experience

3 Priorities for CEO-CHRO Collaboration in the Digital Age


Digitalization is delivering new opportunities and in this environment, CEOs need to leverage their chief human resource officers to steer their organizations and their workforce to stay ahead of the competition.

  • The future of jobs
  • The war for talent
  • HR in the digital age
The Future of Work: Are you ready?


The workplace is changing all the time. Are you ready for what is to come? What does the future of your organization look like? Check out this 6 point infographic to future-proof your organization for what's ahead.


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