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Take a Sneak Peek into 2019 Gartner Research



Are you staying ahead of the curve in your digital efforts? Are you working with the right stakeholders to make a difference?  Between 25 February -  1 March we will be sharing some exclusive content with you for 5 days, straight to your inbox to give you a preview of what's to come from Gartner HR in 2019! Don't miss out!


Check out the below pieces of research to get a taste of what we will build on in 2019.


Monday - 5 Business Strategies for CHROs


Take the lead in driving digital transformation.

Check out the 5 Business Strategies for CHROs to Lead Digital Transformation to help you in HR to lead digital transformation.

Tuesday - AI Action Plan


As roles are shifting to focus more and more on social-creative skills and digital dexterity skills, this affects the complexion of the workforce as AI becomes more pervasive. HR leaders will need to consider the overall AI’s disruption in the workplace.

Wednesday - Are You a True Digital Leader?


Leah Johnson, VP, Advisory and Alejandra Lozada, Senior Director, Research at Gartner, explain in a recent podcast that “connector managers are much more successful than the always-on manager”. But, you may be better suited as an enterprise manager.

Thursday - Employee Experience


To succeed in the digital age, HR needs a consumer-centric mind-set and approach to employee experience. The goal is to start turning employees’ 9 to 5 experience, into their 5 to 9.

Friday - 2019 Key Priorities


HR leaders in 2019 will focus on building critical skills, strengthening the leadership bench and improving employee experience. 

Gartner surveyed 843 HR leaders with 3 clear initiatives emerging... Find out what they are.

Gartner, will help you to improve the effectiveness of your HR function, create a high-performing culture, lead through volatility, build your leadership bench, and more. 

Join us to build a HR function for the future.