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Emerging Trends & Technologies

Join Infrastructure & Operations Leaders for the must-attend conference of 2019.

Which trends and technologies will enable your organization’s digital future? Some are affecting your organization right now; others are just emerging. Discover which will offer your organization new opportunities for speed, agility and resilience. Our a heightened focus on Emerging Trends, this years conferences will provide the need-to-know details on IoT, AI, automation, DevSecOps, edge computing, digital platforms and more. Get ready to incorporate these potential game changers into your strategic planning. Prepare for a fast-approaching future.

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As infrastructure and operations leaders, CIO’s and CTO’s struggle to maintain existing operations while adapting to the increasing introduction of new technologies by business leaders. Join Gartner Research Vice President, David J. Cappuccio, as he discusses the business pressures that will have the greatest impact on IT Infrastructure, key technologies that will impact over the next 3 to 5 years and what is coming down the steam in a new webinar titled “Top 10 Emerging Trends and Their Impacts on Infrastructure Teams”.


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Gartner Predicts:
  • By 2022, 40% of large enterprises will use artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to support and partially replace IT operations management (ITOM) activities, which is an increase from 5% today.

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