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Leadership & Strategy 

Join Infrastructure & Operations Leaders for the must-attend conference of 2019. 

For infrastructure & operations leaders redefining their roles and value propositions is critical to success in today’s rapidly advancing digital environment. But the big question remains: how quickly can you put in place the necessary skills to help your organization build out its digital future? See how to address the growing I&O skills gap by developing talent from within and creating the digital dexterity today’s business demands.


The 2019 conference will feature a dedicated leadership track along with the return of the Senior Leadership Circle which will deliver practical strategies to address the challenges impacting your organization and career. 

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Top 4 Challenges Facing IT Infrastructure Leaders

As an IT Infrastructure leader, you face a fundamental choice: Remain a builder and manager of data center functions or become a trusted partner in the journey to digital business. Gartner analyst Mike Chuba, will cover in this Smarter with Gartner article the top 4 challenges that IT infrastructure leaders are currently facing and solutions to those problems.


Read full Smarter with Gartner Article here 

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Free Webinar

Digital business transformation offers both opportunities and challenges for infrastructure and operations leaders. But they have to start this transformation by changing themselves. Join Gartner research vice president Milind Govekar in this on-demand webinar title “Leadership Vision 2018: Infrastructure & Operations” where he will discuss the major trends and challenges affecting leaders, leadership in the digital age, and what actions and next practices a leader and team should implement. 


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Gartner Predicts:
  • By 2020, 75% of enterprises will experience visible business disruptions due to infrastructure and operations (I&O) skills gaps, which is an increase from less than 20% in 2016.
  • Through 2022, the need for I&O versatilist profiles for the cloud will increase from fewer than 10% of I&O staff in 2017, to 60%, causing significant I&O staffing shortages

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