Join public-sector I&O and cloud leaders

As the digitalization of society progresses and augmented ecosystems emerge, national, regional and local government infrastructure and operations (I&O), and cloud leaders must ensure that their digital innovation keeps pace with the private sector. The challenge spans from starting and accelerating digital transformation, to scaling and making it sustainable. At the same time, the preponderance of legacy technology poses growing costs and risks, slowing the pace of innovation.

Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference looks at examples and critical success factors for digital transformation and highlights possible blind spots that I&O and cloud leaders must address to fuel and sustain transformation; it also looks at how to accelerate the evolution and reduce the cost of legacy environments.

  • Unrivaled networking opportunities, for you to connect with peers to gain insights into the challenges facing public-sector organizations
  • Access to Gartner one-on-one meetings with Gartner experts to discuss your most critical business objectives
  • Roundtables moderated by Gartner, to hear what others in the public sector industry are experiencing about relevant topics
  • Leadership Vision for 2023: Infrastructure and Operations
  • Technical Insights: Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than My Data Center?
  • Become a Change Leader Using Gartner’s ESCAPE Model
  • Developing the Infrastructure Workforce of the Future
  • You Need to Change Your I&O Operating Model — Here’s How
  • Roundtable: How to Reduce Technical Debt and Strengthen Infrastructure Life Cycle Management*
  • Roles, Skills and Training to Build a Successful Infrastructure Platform Engineering Team
  • Avoiding the Top Mistakes in Your Cloud Strategy
  • Does Cloud Pose Impossible Systemic Risks?
  • Ask the Expert: How to Integrate ITSM Teams With Product Teams*
  • Do I Really Need a Multicloud Strategy? Benefits and Challenges of Multicloud Adoption
  • Time to Modernize ITSM Practices
  • Ask the Expert: VMware, Virtualization, Containers and the Future of Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure*
  • Technical Insights: Top Five Myths of Modern Infrastructure (and How to Dispel Them)
  • Ask the Expert: Observability, Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring*
  • Ransomware Is Changing — Are You Ready?
  • Where to Be in ’23: Top 4 Trends for Infrastructure in the Year Ahead
  • Exploring the Dynamics of Security and I&O
  • Strategic Roadmap for Sustainability in I&O
  • Roundtable: Inflation, Energy Prices and Global Issues Versus Your IT Infrastructure*
  • Servers, Storage, Networking and Sustainability: What to Measure and How to Make Your Infrastructure Sustainable
  • Build your I&O Digital Workplace Roadmap Using 4 Key Viewpoints 

*Sessions requiring registration