Top Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations for 2021

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders are left with little time to track emerging trends and the full impact of those trends on I&O. This research highlights the impacts that six such trends are likely to have on I&O teams specifically, enabling leaders to proactively take necessary steps.

Check out the full research report here and find out which trends you should be addressing in 2021.

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  • Gaining the knowledge and expertise required to build a cloud strategy that best enables your business strategy
  • Embracing agile practices within I&O, while still protecting the business from risk and vulnerability
  • Learning how to manage and optimize effectively in a reality where infrastructure and workloads may be located anywhere
  • Learning how to apply the latest techniques to best support emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation and AIOps
  • Recognizing skills and behavioral deficits and build a talent strategy to bridge the gaps and empower your digital roadmap

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