Marek Matuszewski
Case study

Marek Matuszewski

Centre of Expertise Lead (Senior Manager) – Operational Tools & Services
Marek leads the Operational Tooling & Services function at ANZ Bank. Over the past three years, he has led a highly motivated team committed to growing the adoption of application performance monitoring (APM) across ANZ New Zealand. Marek is customer-focused and thrives on achieving successful outcomes through collaboration and motivating others to succeed. He is passionate about adding value using technology solutions to drive better ways of working and great customer outcomes. Outside of work, Marek is a keen sports fan and enjoys cycling.
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Monday, 27 April, 2020 / 01:15 PM - 02:00 PM AEST
Case Study: The ANZ Bank Story — Transforming Monitoring to Drive Better Business Outcomes

Hear how ANZ Bank transformed their IT Monitoring into a first-class citizen and enabled improved IT Operations, faster software release cycles and helping achieve better business outcomes with enhanced insights that lead to increased efficiencies and improved customer experience. This presentation will provide insight into how ANZ achieved their monitoring transformation, the associated benefits across both IT Operations and Business, along with reflections on how challenges were overcome and the road ahead as the journey continues.

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