IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure leaders are having to deal with conflicting priorities of keeping the systems running to support the business, while embracing emerging trends to enable the business and provide a faster, more agile set of services.

At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020, you will get guidance on how to modernize your existing infrastructure, migrate to cloud, manage hybrid environments and drive business innovation using the next wave of disruptive technologies.

As an IT Infrastructure leader, you will gain insights into:

  • Get deeper insight on striking the optimal balance of on-premises and public cloud
  • Determine the trends and technologies you need to embrace to create a viable pathway to the future and identify the ones you must leverage now for immediate benefit
  • Learn the best way to leverage the technologies and methodologies that are increasingly becoming significant catalysts for innovation — from Cloud, Edge Computing and IoT to DevOps and AIOps
  • Discover the skills, behaviors and organizational culture needed to realize the idea of “IT Infrastructure everywhere

Recommended sessions for IT Infrastructure Leaders:

  • The Many Roles of Platform and Service Providers in Cloud Management - Expert Sid Nag
  • Building an Enterprise Cloud Strategy - Expert Santhosh Rao 
  • Top Infrastructure Technologies and Trends for Storage, Integrated and Hypercoverged Systems - Expert Naveen Mishra
  • Welcome to the Fascinating Future of Multicloud - Expert Sid Nag
  • Building Cloud-Native Networks - Expert Naresh Singh
  • Five Ways Your Peers Are Using AI Today - Expert Chirag Dekate
  • Reasons Why Your AI Project Will Fail - Expert Chirag Dekate 
  • Exploring the Edge: Twelve Frontiers of Edge Computing - Expert Santhosh Rao
  • Hyperscale Cloud Providers on Customer Premises and at the Edge - Expert Santhosh Rao
  • Quantum Computing: What Do I&O Leaders Need to Know? - Expert Chirag Dekate
  • Finding and Containing Rogue Devices Requires a New Network Strategy for “All” Device Connectivity, Not Just IoT - Expert Sanjit Ganguly

Relevant job titles:

  • VP/Director of IT Infrastructure
  • VP/Director of Data Center
  • Digital Workplace Leader
  • IT Infrastructure Architects
  • IT Infrastructure Managers
  • Network Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Infrastructure Platform Engineers
  • Infrastructure Solutions Engineers

As an easy reference for your key focus areas and recommended sessions, we have collated this overview document for your offline usage.