IT Leaders

Fast-moving technologies and methodologies — from the cloud, edge computing and the Internet of Things to DevOps and artificial intelligence — are crossing into the functional roles of typical I&O teams. I&O leaders will need to exploit these innovations to become more digitally product-centric.

At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020, we will spell out how I&O leaders should showcase their organizations’ capabilities to help business leaders be successful in delivering customer centricity.

As an IT leader, you will gain insights to:

  • Discover the latest trends and their impact on I&O such as AI, IOT, edge Quantum computing
  • Elevate your leadership capabilities and learn how to develop a forward looking talent management strategy, communicate better, foster disruption, and drive cultural change
  • Gain insights into ways to accelerate the Digital Business
  • Explore I&O Leadership skills, driving improved communication outcomes, new organizational structures and the future role of I&O

Recommended sessions for IT Leaders:

  • Achieving an Optimal Infrastructure and Operations Organization Structure for the Digital Age - Expert Mark Margevicius
  • Personalizing I&O’s Transformation for Individuals - Expert Kris van Riper
  • How Augmented Reality and New Workplace Technologies Will Change the Way We Work - Expert DD Mishra
  • Start Building Your Automation Team Now! - Expert Milind Govekar
  • The Role of I&O With Virtual Machines, Containers, and Serverless - Expert Rakesh Kumar 
  • Scaling for Digital Success — Tackling the I&O Skills Gap - Expert Ross Winser
  • Building an Enterprise Cloud Strategy - Expert Santhosh Rao
  • Quantum Computing: What Do I&O Leaders Need to Know? - Expert Chirag Dekate
  • Top I&O Cost Optimization Ideas - Expert Nathan Hill
  • Reduce Cloud Spend and Risk by Identifying I&O’s Role in Cloud Governance - Expert Ross Winser

Relevant job titles:

  • Heads of Infrastructure and Operations
  • I&O Strategy and Planning Leaders
  • I&O Project Managers
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Head of IT Automation
  • Head of AI
  • Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
  • Chief Digital Officers (CDOs)
  • Head of Office of CIO (OCIO)

As an easy reference for your key focus areas and recommended sessions, we have collated this overview document for your offline usage.