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A perennial focus for I&O leaders, optimizing costs and assuring funding is being allocated to the right things is a critical part of managing I&O effectively. It’s also one of the big paradoxes faced today by many:  how to keep costs down and optimize, while growing, innovating and investing to support digital business.

"By 2022, 80% of I&O organizations that lack digital business strategies will risk cuts in budget, resulting in outsourcing as a means of delivering results."

Gartner Predicts

Enterprises have a variety of unique challenges, including smaller budgets and limited staff size, but only when CIOs answer this question, does the importance of cost-efficiencies funding innovation as key to growing the business, comes into play.

3 Kick-Off Initiatives for Cost Optimization

Three action-oriented kick-off initiatives for cost optimization and funding innovation.

Three-Year Roadmap for Cost Optimization

CIOs are under continuing pressure to cut costs and/or deliver more with fewer resources. CIOs should communicate a cost optimization roadmap to socialize and gain buy-in from enterprise partners for evolving the enterprise’s IT cost management and investments to drive improved business value.

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Webinar: How to Create and Communicate an IT Cost Optimization Roadmap

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