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DevOps: the road to increased business value and agility starts here

DevOps is quickly becoming mainstream, but questions remain on how this relatively new approach to culture, automation and platform design can deliver what it promises: improved business value through fast-paced, iterative IT service delivery. Plenty of I&O leaders still face roadblocks implementing and scaling a DevOps practice. 

"Through 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations due to issues around organizational learning and change. "

Gartner Predicts

DevOps has picked up pace in recent years, still, most of the initiatives fail due to several reasons. 

The Secret to DevOps Success

In 2019, I&O leaders embarking on DevOps initiatives struggled to address organizational change and the value they will provide to the larger enterprise.

DevOps has picked up pace in recent years, still, most of the initiatives fail due to several reasons. 

Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders can easily avoid DevOps failures by identifying the top five reasons and how to avoid them.

8 Step Guide to Get DevOps Right

With digitalization, there is a critical need to support businesses that must operate at higher speeds and with greater agility. This has resulted in DevOps growing quickly and becoming key to many organizations in their pursuit of competitive advantage. Although DevOps delivers compelling business advantages, many organizations struggle to benefit from DevOps initiatives due to uncertainty about how to approach them.

Use these best practices to implement successful DevOps initiatives.

How to Scale DevOps by Building Platform Teams

Enterprises that achieve initial success with DevOps initiatives often struggle to scale their efforts. I&O leaders should dedicate teams to operating shared self-service platforms that enable agile product teams to accelerate delivery while ensuring quality and standardization.

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At this year’s conference you’ll see how to ensure the success of your DevOps initiatives by better understanding the practices, principles, technology and tools you need in place for the next stage of your DevOps journey. 

DevOps sessions at this years conference:

  • Scaling Agile and DevOps for Digital Transformation

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Webinar: Keys to DevOps Success

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