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For infrastructure & operations leaders redefining their roles and value propositions is critical to success in today’s rapidly advancing digital environment. But the big question remains: how quickly can you put in place the necessary skills to help your organization build out its digital future? See how to address the growing I&O skills gap by developing talent from within and creating the digital dexterity today’s business demands.

"By 2022, 80% of I&O organizations that fail to develop servant leadership competencies will not meet their digital transformation goals."

Gartner Predicts

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations in the digital era are on the cusp of dramatic change. From the death of the data center to the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, every new wave of digital has a profound impact on the way I&O operates. And as I&O rapidly evolves from a support function to a strategic one, IT teams are no longer seen as service providers, but instead as enablers of business transformation. 

How Infrastructure and Operations Can Enable Digital Change

To improve efficiency, increase productivity and enable digital business transformation, I&O leaders must adapt their organizations around changing CIO priorities.

2020 Planning Guide for Infrastructure and Operations

The pace of change in IT has been radically accelerated by cloud computing, along with industry-specific competitive pressures. This Planning Guide highlights key areas that I&O technical professionals must focus on in 2020 to modernize operations across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. 

Download Gartner Research: 2020 Planning Guide for Infrastructure and Operations

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