2020 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing

In 2020, infrastructure, applications and data will be everywhere. Technical professionals focused on cloud must design a secure, holistic strategy to embrace multicloud, integrate the edge and maintain the data center. This Planning Guide outlines trends for cloud adoption.

Key  Findings

  • In 2020, “distributed clouds” will support tethered and untethered operation of like-for-like cloud services between the public cloud and dispersed physical locations. 
  • Organizations are increasingly finding it difficult to make architectural decisions because of the fast pace of change and the technological diversity. 
  • The most successful cloud-adopting organizations appoint or hire a cloud architect and develop a cloud center of excellence (CCOE). Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) cloud providers are not responsible for user data or corporate content placed within their services. Providers commit to service availability, but customers are responsible for data availability.

Gartner recommends cloud leaders to focus on cloud computing:

  • Embrace public cloud while continuing to evolve your data center resources and applications to be more efficient. Define hybrid integration strategies across data centers, the edge and public clouds. 
  • Drive cost optimization over time by moving the right applications to the cloud, optimizing them properly and continuously tracking their spend. 
  • Rethink your network architecture by focusing on policies. Implement a robust network that can cost-effectively and redundantly enable hybrid architectures spanning multiple clouds, the edge and on-premises data centers. 
  • Act now to find or become your organization’s cloud architect. Promote internally from roles such as enterprise architects, I&O architects or application architects. Alternatively, hire externally by clearly defining the position using the research in this report.

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