2020 Planning Guide for Infrastructure and Operations

The pace of change in IT has been radically accelerated by cloud computing, along with industry-specific competitive pressures. This Planning Guide highlights key areas that I&O technical professionals must focus on in 2020 to modernize operations across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments.

Key Findings:

  • Hybrid IT is the new normal for I&O. This means parts of your data processing occurring across a geographically diverse mix of on-premises, colocation, cloud and the edge. 
  • The agility of public cloud capabilities continues to draw attention to the lack of speed of on-premises capabilities. This ever-increasing “agility gap” must eventually be addressed. 
  • The popularity of container-centric application development patterns will require organizations to build new types of application platforms and stacks internally, and learn how to manage them. 
  • Broad, pervasive automation of infrastructure and operations tasks will be a critical deliverable for IT organizations to cope with the relentless rate of change in public cloud and IT as a whole.

I&O professionals responsible for I&O strategies within their organizations should:

  • Modernize on-premises and colocation-based IT assets toward 100% API-driven programmatic control whenever possible.
  • Promote internal automation goals from “nice to have” efforts that are pursued only on occasion, to a default practice for all I&O tasks that can be reasonably automated.
  • Throw away legacy practices and mindsets. I&O professionals must be willing to build entirely new processes when needed.
  • Plan for how the organization will address having data and applications spread across a diverse array of geographic locations as edge computing starts to become more of a mainstream option.

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