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The Secret to DevOps Success

Infrastructure and operations leaders can avoid the top 5 reasons for DevOps failures by focusing on the common cause.

DevOps has picked up pace in recent years, still, most of the initiatives fail due to several reasons. 

"Gartner predicts that through 2022, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations due to issues around organizational learning and change. "

Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders can easily avoid DevOps failures by identifying the top five reasons as suggested by Gartner Senior Director Analyst George Spafford:

  1. DevOps not grounded in customer value: Businesses often undertake DevOps initiatives without considering business outcomes or engaging employees. I&O leaders need to ensure that staff and customers connect with the term “DevOps,” the value it will bring, and communicate/deliver the value via marketing.
  2. Organizational change not managed: Most of the organizations focus a lot on DevOps tools rather than engaging and getting their employees on board with the upcoming change. Leaders must identify individuals who exhibit excellent teamwork, accountability, and lifelong learning attributes to adopt DevOps practices.
  3. Lack of collaboration: Often, DevOps efforts are limited to I&O when there should be collaboration among all stakeholders. Leaders must break barriers and forge a team-like atmosphere to optimize work. 
  4. Trying to do too much too quickly: Mostly, businesses launch DevOps in one go instead of focusing on all the variables that lead to failures. I&O leaders must use an incremental, iterative approach to implement DevOps to enable the organization to focus on continual improvements. This also ensures collaboration at all levels.
  5. Unrealistic expectations of DevOps: Too often, too much is expected out of DevOps initiatives, as it happens with any new technology or approach. Leaders need to bridge the disconnect between what is expected and what DevOps can actually deliver by agreeing on objectives and metrics. They need to use marketing to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer value in an ongoing manner. 

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