Find out the benefits of this conference for your specific industry

At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference,  you'll interact with Gartner research experts, IT Infrastructure and operations(I&O) leaders from across industries and solutions providers to master your (I&O) leader role with research-backed sessions to explore best ways to leverage the technologies and methodologies becoming significant catalysts for innovation. Discover the skills, behaviors and organizational culture needed for the success of your organisation.

Banking Finance and Insurance
Gain insight into the timelines of maturity of flash technologies, storage class memory, new data center protocols, AI-driven operations, platforms for containers and microservices, hybrid cloud integration, edge computing, new consumption models.

Get insights into how to innovate cautiously and deliberately by architecting and implementing leading-edge digital business information technology while protecting and enhancing legacy systems

Energy Utility and Government

Explore how to jumpstart legacy modernization initiatives in a hybrid world and provide a roadmap to deliver new capabilities at a shorter time to value.


Get actionable insights and strategies that will fuel the next level of growth and help your organization thrive in the digital world.