Lead IT Infrastructure & Operations Strategy in Banks and Financial Institutions to Enable the Future of IT Infrastructure — Everywhere

The financial services industry has enormous potential for digital disruption. With the tailwinds of emerging technology — such as artificial intelligence or advanced analytics — banks are increasingly interested to leverage public cloud, however compliance with industry-specific regulations and certification by relevant industry bodies is a complicating factor.

Added to this, banking customers demand more from providers at every level and new non-bank fintech competitors, have continued to set market expectations.

The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020 will provide insights on the competencies, practices and technologies required to sustain successful business results and stay ahead of the curve.

Recommended sessions for banking & finance professionals:

  • Top Infrastructure Technologies and Trends for Storage, Integrated and Hypercoverged Systems
  • The Role of I&O With Virtual Machines, Containers and Serverless
  • The Future of Enterprise Data Centers — What’s Next
  • Top 10 Technologies That Will Drive the Future of Infrastructure and Operations
  • Top I&O Cost-Optimization Ideas
  • Reduce Cloud Spend and Risk by Identifying I&O’s Role in Cloud Governance
  • Five Ways Your Peers Are Using AI Today
  • Building Cloud-Native Networks
  • Building an Enterprise Cloud Strategy
  • Just Call Me SASE — The Merger of WAN Edge and Edge Security

This conference will help you:

  • Get insights on the key trends shaping the future of enterprise data centers, to make informed decisions about on-premises infrastructure architecture
  • Hear about the 10 most compelling early-stage technologies that I&O Leaders should understand to drive infrastructure innovation through 2024
  • Understand how I&O can engage in the cloud governance process to improve cost optimization and security
  • Hear Gartner’s eight steps to use for planning negotiations with major vendors
  • Hear Gartner’s recommendations on 5 ways through which I&O Leaders commonly apply AI
  • Understanding the fundamentals of building a cloud strategy and the principles to move beyond strategy to execution