Lead IT Infrastructure & Operations Strategy in GICs to Enable the Future of IT Infrastructure — Everywhere

Global Inhouse centers in India are rapidly maturing and moving up the value chain, driven by the dynamic macro-economic circumstances, changing business environment and emerging technologies.

There is however a significant opportunity for GICs to further their innovation agenda and build new age technology COEs around AI/ML, Cloud, IOT among others.

The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020 will provide you with actionable insights and strategies that will fuel the next level of growth and help your organization thrive in the digital world.

Recommended sessions for GICs professionals:

  • The Many Roles of Platform and Service Providers in Cloud Management
  • Building an Enterprise Cloud Strategy
  • Hyperscale Cloud Providers on Customer Premises and at the Edge
  • Selecting the Right Tools for Multicloud Management
  • Five Ways Your Peers Are Using AI Today
  • Quantum Computing: What Do I&O Leaders Need to Know?
  • Reasons Why Your AI Project Will Fail (and What to Do Instead)
  • The Role of I&O with Virtual Machines, Containers, and Serverless
  • Exploring the Edge: Twelve Frontiers of Edge Computing

This conference will help you:

  • Create a working draft of your own cloud strategy while understanding the fundamentals of building a cloud strategy and the principles to move beyond strategy to execution
  • Learn about the architectures of the onpremise and edge offerings of hyperscale IaaS/Paas providers (AWS, Microsoft, and Google) a comparison of their offerings, and advice on selection and planning
  • Understand why, when, how and with whom an organization should go with, in their multi-cloud journey
  • Hear Gartner’s recommendations on 5 ways through which I&O Leaders commonly apply AI
  • Understand the landscape of use cases for edge computing and build a strategy for edge computing