Lead IT Infrastructure & Operations Strategy in Manufacturing to Enable the Future of IT Infrastructure — Everywhere

Manufacturers worldwide face shifts that they must be prepared to capitalize on or risk the competitive consequence. Technologically driven disruptions will cause manufacturing IT leaders to play an increasingly important role in helping their organizations prepare for this future.

The Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020 will provide insights on how to innovate cautiously and deliberately by architecting and implementing leading-edge digital business information technology while protecting and enhancing legacy systems.

Recommended sessions for manufacturing professionals:

  • Five Ways Your Peers Are Using AI • Quantum Computing: What Do I&Leaders Need to Know?
  • Top Infrastructure Technologies and
  • Trends for Storage, Integrated and
  • Hypercoverged Systems
  • The Role of I&O With Virtual Machines,
  • Containers and Serverless
  • NetOps 2.0 — Transform With Automation and Analytics or Become Irrelevant
  • Start Building Your Automation Team • Success with Automation Drives I&O Success
  • Just Call Me SASE — The Merger • Building Cloud-Native Networks
  • Agile ITSM: Improve the Flow

This conference will help you:

  • Hear Gartner’s recommendations on 5 ways through which I&O Leaders commonly apply AI
  • Learn how I&O responsibilities differ with each abstraction style (VM, containers and serverless computing)
  • Explore the network analytics and automation technologies that can help NetOps achieve these goals 
  • Get guidance on how to build and sustain a automation team and embed modern development and delivery practices into your initiative
  • Learn about the trends, technologies, tools and best practices needed to leverage and scale automation within your organization 
  • Hear Gartner’s eight steps to use for planning negotiations with major vendors • Get guidance on how to build a cloud center of excellence