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At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, you'll interact with Gartner research experts, IT infrastructure and operations leaders from across industries and solutions providers to master your IT infrastructure and operations leader role with research-backed sessions

Get the insights you need for the digital business of tomorrow. At Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2020, we have four tracks dedicated to your priorities. 

View the 2020 conference tracks along with the description below.

As cloud computing enters its second decade enterprise IT has embraced the concept of multi-cloud as an accepted delivery model for enterprise applications. Yet despite its value, concerns remain about how best to balance between cloud computing as “the answer” and cloud computing as one of many answers for IT. This track explores how to develop a successful cloud strategy and strike the right balance between value and risk. The track will also explore the methods and options available today in deploying the distributed infrastructure needed to support specific workload types, to create an agile enterprise.

Infrastructure and Operations leaders must redefine the mission of IT operations to focus on delivering positive business outcomes. This change will not be easy, given existing pressures to move faster, while running and maintaining the existing IT infrastructure. This track focuses on the infrastructure and operational processes, technologies and human capabilities that enable desired business outcomes.

Dramatically expanding digital business requirements continue to highlight the perennial problem within most Infrastructure and Operations organizations- how to support ever-growing infrastructure and operations requirements on an ongoing basis, while still understanding new trends and technologies that could significantly benefit IT and the business. This track will explore the balance between ensuring operational stability and tapping into emerging trends.

The challenge of cultivating an IT culture that can adapt quickly to support the business and new technology trends is a critical requirement in todays enterprise. This track will explain why cultural-change leadership matters now more than ever — exploring the drivers of culture, how it influences goals and objectives, and how team and workplace factors affect it. This track will also helps I&O leaders optimize existing resources while making the right investments to expand and transform I&O’s value proposition over the longer horizon.

Digital business transformation requires I&O leaders to demonstrate business value in terms of customer centricity, enterprise agility and workforce transformation, going beyond service cost and quality expectations. This spotlight track will show how I&O leaders can demonstrate the ways in which they are driving progress toward digital business goals while optimize existing resources and making the right investments to expand and transform I&O’s value proposition over the longer horizon.

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