6 Steps to Adapt I&O to the Hybrid World

It’s a hybrid era that waits for all businesses around the corner. And organizations should prepare for it by modernizing their infrastructure and operations.


However, before proceeding, it is important to understand what hybrid means for a business. Is it an on-premise data center, a single server in a collocation or a combination of both? Knowing this will help a business adapt to the change better, becoming agile and responsiveness where it matters, when it matters.


Here are six steps that will help a business transformation and adapt infrastructure and operations for a hybrid era.

Step 1: Adopt cloud services


I&O teams must embrace cloud to achieve modernization in a hybrid world. Successful public cloud adoption requires that organizations both design a public cloud strategy and establish a public cloud adoption framework.

Step 2: Modernize your infrastructure


Build an infrastructure foundation that swiftly delivers services across a suite of environments and providers. Enable automation at all levels of the stack to create an API-driven platform that can now be optimized.

Step 3: Optimize workloads


In a hybrid world, workloads may run across multiple environments. To optimize workload placement in this scenario, I&O leaders must assess both application placement and architect workload placement.

Step 4: Enable hybrid integration


Today nearly every enterprise is running some form of a hybrid environment. A good place for I&O teams to start is by clarifying what ‘hybrid’ means for their environment. This will help establish connectivity, protect data and create uniform, modern operations.

Step 5: Automate and govern


Modern I&O teams rely on automation to gain disruptive agility and ensure policy enforcement across hybrid environments. Establishing effective yet unrestrictive governance requires a balance between the people, the processes and the tools.

Step 6: Operate and protect


As organizations modernize their operations, maintaining availability and avoiding downtime become especially critical. This can be done through the creation and continuous testing of a disaster recovery plan.

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