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Shinko Osada
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Shinko Osada

Representative Director, Metaverse Japan / Director of the Board/Secretary General, Future Design Shibuya
Through Professional Sales, Marketing and Communication experience in top tier global organizations such as AT&T and Nokia, joined Red Bull Japan as Communication Director in 2007. Through 10.5 years of career in Red Bull, contributed the category development of Energy Drink market and Red Bull Brand establishment in Japanese market as well as one of Japan Management leadership members to lead the organization. As of 2018, becomes an independent Marketing consultant and joins as Director of the Board and Vice Secretary General of Future Design Shibuya (FDS), an open innovation hub where individuals of diverse backgrounds come together to think about potentialities of urban development and to design innovative projects, with Shibuya City as the pivot. During 4 years of FDS role, launched several key projects such as “Virtual Shibuya” (Metaverse of Shibuya City) , “Next Generations” (Street Sports playground for youth), and Social Innovation Week Shibuya (City Festival for Innovation) and promoted Secretary General role as of April 2022.
As CEO of NEW KIDS Inc., supporting various companies` Marketing, Branding, PR, Events, Community development as an Adviser. Appointed as Director of the Board of Marketer Carrier Association since Nov. 2020 and Representative Director of Metaverse Japan since March 2022.
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Wednesday, 14 December, 2022 / 10:40 AM - 11:25 AM JST
What will Metaverse bring to the society? - New values to be created from the fusion of the real and virtual-

As we shift to the Web3 era, what will Metaverse bring to the society? Will be speaking about the trend and thoughts about Metaverse, which will be creating new values from the fusion of the real and virtual.

Join us to hear from Gartner experts and thought leaders.