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Tetsuya Sawanobori
Guest speaker

Tetsuya Sawanobori

CEO/Founder, Connected Robotics Inc.
Since April 2017, Tetsuya has been leading Connected Robotics bringing innovation to the food industry using robotics technologies. He obtained his BS in Engineering from Tokyo University and MS in Informatics from Kyoto University, while he worked at a startup in the UK. Upon graduation, he started his career in the food industry opening and running restaurants. Later, he worked at a MIT-born startup as a robot controller development manager until 2011. After working as an independent robot controller engineer, he founded Connected Robotics in 2014 and pivoted the company's focus to food industry and robotics in 2017.
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Tuesday, 13 December, 2022 / 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM JST
Guest Keynote: To innovating the food industry with robotics - The Challenge of Creating a Healthy Ecosystem for Food

The food industry is an essential part of people's daily life, bringing people all kinds of joy ⁠— a joy to eat, gather, and socialize. However, there still exist harsh and simple tasks in the restaurant industry and food factories. We have been developing robot services specialized for food since 2017, hoping to free people from hard labor and achieve high productivity in the food industry by automating food-related processes. We have developed several robots for the restaurant industry and food factories and have installed them in actual restaurants and factories. We will talk about examples of the development and introduction of robots that are revolutionizing the food industry, what the food industry of the future will be like, and the organizational development and evaluation systems that will make it happen.

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