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Toshinori Arai
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Toshinori Arai

Corporate Officer/General Manager, Information System Innovation Office, Nitori Holdings Co.,Ltd. / Director, Nitori Digital base Co.,Ltd.
After working in the system development and system procurement departments at a major OA sales company, Toshinori Arai joined Nitori in May 2001.
Since then, he has been in charge of network, development infrastructure, DBA, virtualization, cloud computing, communication systems, and security.
The secret to the success of Nitori's unique business model as a manufacturing and logistics IT retailer is its completely in-house core system.
As the head of a group of in-house IT engineers, he is taking on the challenge of further evolution.
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Tuesday, 13 December, 2022 / 03:05 PM - 03:35 PM JST
Infrastructure Strategy for a Completely In-house IT Organization Supporting Nitori's Unique Business Model

1. Introduction to Nitori Business
2. The Characteristics of Nitori’s IT Internal development style
3. Infrastructure strategy
4. Our Focus and Latest Initiatives
-Utilization of Cloud Computing, Internal Cloud Governance and Control, and Cloud Hub
 - Self Development Platform
5. Future strategy

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