Toru Shiomitsu

Executive Officer and Head of Information System Division



In March 1988, he graduated from Konan University, Faculty of Economics. In April 1988, he joined Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. In July 2007, he promoted to Deputy Information System (IS) Division Manager and Head of System Promotion Office. In March 2010, he moved to System Planning Office to lead system planning initiatives in Sumitomo Life Insurance. In July 2013, he promoted to Director of IS Division and Head of System Planning Office. In March 2015, he became Head of IS Division. In April 2018, he was appointed as Executive Officer and Head of IS Division in Sumitomo Life Insurance.


Change the Game toward the Age of 100-Year Life: Health-Enhancing Life Insurance “Sumitomo Life Vitality” and Sumitomo Life Insurance’s Digital Innovation Efforts 

Japan’s world-highest level of rapid aging of the population with declining birthrate is becoming a serious issue in Japan. What can we do to act on this issue as a life insurance company?

Toward the age of 100-year life, Sumitomo Life Insurance launches the Vitality program in addition to their ordinary life insurance program. This new program supports decreasing life risks themselves by using digital technologies. It enables insurance savings and healthy long life by incentivizing continuous healthy behavior. In this session, we introduce what is “Sumitomo Life Vitality” for new business service generation and also introduce their ongoing digital innovation efforts to create social values from people-centric and people life-oriented perspectives. 



Takuo Imagawa

Director, ICT Strategy Policy Division, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)


Takuo Imagawa received his B.A.S. and M.A. in system science from the University of Tokyo, and his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University in 1997. He joined the Japanese Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications in 1990, and has been engaged in various policies in the field of information and telecommunications at the Ministry.

His experience in academia highly contributes to his theoretical background in policy making. He taught economics at Osaka University as an associate professor, and also served as a visiting scholar at Univ. of Tokyo, etc., and an economic advisor for several local governments. His research interests include information economics, industrial organization, urban economics, and corporate finance.

He is the author of many books and articles in the field of information and economics. His opinions also appear in various newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.


TECH Strategy to Grab the Future

We have a pile of issues such as decreasing population and population aging. Such issues are becoming body blows to the existing social systems that may damage our economy/organization, infrastructure, social welfare system and other social mechanisms. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications views this “Quiet Crisis” as an opportunity for our digital future. As a transformation plan for our brighter future toward 2030, the Information and Communications Council formulated so-called “TECH Strategy to Grab the Future” for aggressive digital technology deployment. In this session, we explain the outlines of this transformation plan.



Junichi Hasegawa

Preferred Networks, Inc.



In 1986, he joined Sony. In Sony, he worked for the Video Business Headquarters and PC Business Unit and took various key positions in Sony including the head of the Platform Technologies in the Business Solution Company and PlayStation3 Development in Sony Computer Entertainment. In December 2010, he left Sony. In January 2011, he joined Preferred Infrastructure as the Chief Officer of Strategies. In March 2014, he established Preferred Networks and became its Chief Operations Officer. From May 2018, he is Chief Business Officer and Executive Director of Preferred Networks, Inc.


Applied Deep Learning in Real World

Preferred Networks has been applying “Deep Learning” technologies to challenge critical unsolved problems in the real world for various application fields such as automated driving, advanced robotics & machine tools and life sciences. In this session, we introduce Preferred Networks’ latest deep learning efforts and key element technologies in deep learning.



Tadashi Hirose

IT Planning Manager, IT Promotion Division, Daikin Industries, Ltd.



In 1996, he joined Daikin Industries and was assigned to its CEA Center. In Daikin’s CEA Center, he was in charge of 3D CAD design system planning and its global implementation. In 2005, he moved to Daikin’s Corporate IT Headquarters and he was in charge of various business planning initiatives including global uniform code standardization and management information visualization. In 2015, he promoted to the current position and leads Daikin’s business innovations for advanced IT technology enablement. 


What Are New Roles Required for the IT Division in Digital Transformation Age? 

- Challenging Efforts by Daikin’s IT Innovation Group -

Now, the roles required for the IT Division are dynamically changing. To respond to such changing IT requirements, Daikin’s IT has been focusing on direct business contributions and leading Daikin’s IT structural transformation. As one of Daikin’s structural business transformation efforts to move forward DX/business innovations through collaboration with the business units, Daikin established an aggressive and forward-thinking IT function “IT Innovation Group”. In this session, we introduces Daikin’s challenges for advanced technology-enabled digital innovations by the IT Innovation Group and also explain their ongoing tried-and-tested challenges including aggressive IT functional digital innovations and IT’s change in mindsets for the digital transformation age.



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