Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference presents strategies, actions and advices to future oriented business and technology leaders.

At IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2019, you’ll have multiple structured and informal opportunities to interact with and learn from experts, peers and exhibitors.


In addition to all conference sessions, you are entitled to:


One Gartner analyst one-on-one meeting *

Explore your plans, ideas and questions with the undivided attention of a Gartner analyst who can offer honest, objective guidance on the topics most important to your success. Analyst one-on-ones are always in high demand — book early!

Ask the Expert

These are small, interactive sessions focused on specific topics; ask the expert direct questions and get answers live.

End-user case study sessions

Invited by Gartner, these real-world practitioners share their own lessons learned on challenges you may likely face.

Solution Showcase

Explore innovative solutions in one convenient location, where you can quickly evaluate providers and source technologies that align with your priorities.

Hands-on workshops

Engage in lively dialogue, earnest debate and real problem solving as you and your peers work through important topics and find effective answers to difficult challenges.

Peer networking opportunities

Build new relationships, broaden your perspectives and uncover ways to problem-solve with like-minded peers.

*Subject to eligibility and availability
In this conference, we will present strategies, actions and advices to future oriented business and technology leaders based on current situation and future direction.

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Conference by the numbers

Engage with
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Gartner Experts
Learn from
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Research-Driven Sessions

Learn firsthand what you can achieve.