Reduce Vendor Risk, Negotiate Effectively, and Improve Financial Transparency

Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit is the most important annual gathering for IT professionals who focus on the sourcing and management of IT services, software and hardware to enable the achievement of their organizations’ strategic and operational business objectives.

Delivering independent, practical advice, thought leadership and insight into future trends, the conference showcases how to develop a compelling strategy, identify the right solutions and negotiate better IT deals.


Join us for thought-leading sessions to help you:
  • Negotiate better deals for IT services, software, SaaS, cloud and hybrid infrastructure
  • Collaborate with IT vendors to reduce risk and achieve desired outcomes
  • Develop strategies to optimize the supply of IT services and products
  • Manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle and prepare for software audits
  • Improve financial transparency and optimize IT costs
  • Foster collaboration between sourcing, procurement, asset management, IT finance and vendor management
  • Exploit the potential of technologies such as IoT, A.I. and Blockchain
  • Transform your discipline to remain relevant in the digital age


Are you ready for continuous change and innovation?

While technology evolution impacts on all kinds of business activities, enterprises are locked in with insufficient IT talents and cannot move swiftly and flexibly. 
See what was covered last year to help IT leaders turn solution breakthroughts in to action. 

Learn firsthand what you can achieve.