Your first look at the agenda

The full agenda is now available. You can view it here. 

We are covering the most pressing topics in security and risk management, such as cybersecurity, risk management, identity and access management (IAM), privacy, data security, applications security, cloud security, leadership, talent and culture, and so much more.   

Below is a sample of the sessions we’ve already selected for the 2023 agenda.

Please note that the agenda is subject to change.

Preliminary agenda sessions

Our powerful lineup of keynote speakers helps you expand your thinking and discover new approaches to make smarter business decisions.

2023 keynote

  • Gartner Keynote: How to Get People to Care About Security and Risk

Each track has a particular area of focus to help you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization. Access over 100 sessions of the latest Gartner research, specifically designed to help security and risk management leaders meet the demands of the future. 

Track A. Cybersecurity Leadership

Faced with a fragmented, interdependent world, cybersecurity leaders have less control over decisions around cyber risk than ever before. This track gives you practical guidance on how to manage security teams, and stakeholders, through the evolving threat landscape.

2023 sessions

  • Employees Don’t Need More Awareness, They Need Cyber Judgment!
  • Pitfalls of a Bad Strategy and How to Fix It: From a Practitioner Turned Analyst
  • Avoiding a Hostile Board Room: How to Best Prepare for a Cybersecurity Audit
  • What Cybersecurity Leaders Need to Know About the Metaverse
  • Weaponize Risk Appetite to Drive Risk Decisions
  • Drive Cybersecurity Investments With the Gartner Cybersecurity Value Benchmark
  • Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2023
  • Use the Gartner PIPE Framework to Drive a Culture of Security Consciousness for Your Organization
  • So, You Want to Improve Security Control Adoption? Forget the Tech for a Second
  • The Top Predictions for Cybersecurity 2023-2024
  • Leadership Vision for Security and Risk Management, 2023
  • Shifting Sands: Evolving Cybersecurity Operating Models
  • Security Awareness Is Dead! Now What?


Track B. Infrastructure, Data and Application Security, and Security Operations

Are you interested in zero-trust identity, API security, the latest in data and applications security? Or are you wondering how automation can standardize your security capabilities? This track provides operational and strategic insight to help you plan a new direction for your security program.

2023 sessions

  • Outlook for Security Operations 2022
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Operational Risk Quantification for Developing Metrics
  • Securing the Coffee Shop: How to Deploy and Secure a “Bring Your Own” Environment
  • How to Improve Code Quality With Application Security Testing During Software Development
  • How Security Professionals Can Leverage DevOps to Shed the Reputation of Roadblock
  • The Future of SIEM and the Evolution of Threat Detection, Investigation and Response
  • Zero Trust How-To: Start simple, Build to Robust
  • The Intersection of SASE and Zero Trust Equals Secure Access to Applications
  • Outlook for Application Security 2023
  • The Future of Security Defense in Depth: Cybersecurity Mesh
  • Technical Insights: Microsoft 365 — Office, EMS and Windows 10 — Top Security Features to Implement


Track C. Cyber and IT Risk

Due to new challenges and lack of agility in program management, cybersecurity leaders struggle to mature their cyber and IT risk management practices beyond conducting assessments. This track highlights the latest trends and tools to help you improve automation and models.

2023 sessions

  • Privacy and Ethics: Prepare for Digital Society
  • Outlook for CPS Security 2023
  • Data Is the Industrial Pollution of the Digital Era, CISOs Need to Push “Strategic Forgetting”
  • Ransomware Is Changing — Are You Ready?
  • A New Look at Insider Risk
  • Incident Response Retainer: Waste of Money or a No-Brainer?
  • How to Select Your Cyber-Physical Systems Protection Platform
  • Caught Between Two Fires: The Hidden Parallels Between CISOs and the Fire Brigade
  • How to Both Assess and Monitor Third-Party Cybersecurity Threats While You Are Sleeping
  • Outlook for Privacy ’23: Trends and Technologies


Track D. Identity and Access Management

Identity is a critical foundation for the security of the systems that support our rapidly expanding virtual world. This track ensures you have the tools and insights to support effective identity and fraud initiatives, enabling organizational success.

2023 sessions

  • Outlook for Identity and Access Management, 2023
  • How to Be Successful With Privileged Access Management

These topic-driven end-user forums are moderated by Gartner experts. Learn what your peers are doing around particular issues and across industries. (Preregistration is required.)

2023 sessions

  • CISO Circle: Research Discussion — The CISO’s Guide to Cyber-Risk Quantification
  • Roundtable: Competency Makeup of a New Age Cybersecurity Team
  • Roundtable: The Reality of Security Vendor Consolidation
  • Roundtable: Board Reporting — Approaches to Tell Data-Driven Stories
  • Roundtable: Best Practices in Assessing Third-Party Security and Risk

These small-scale, interactive sessions are designed for you to drill down on specific topics with a how-to focus. (Preregistration is required.)

2023 sessions

  • Workshop: Prepare for Incident Response When “Analytics” Turns “Data Breach”
  • Workshop: Defining Meaningful Metrics for IAM
  • Workshop: “Body Like a Rock” Lessons in Politics From Japan’s Greatest Swordsman
  • Workshop: Selling Your Cyberstrategy
  • Workshop: Ransomware Readiness Should Be Treated as a Business Decision
  • Workshop: Use the “5 What’s” Framework to Step Up Your Board Game

These topic-driven sessions provide a more intimate discussion forum, featuring one Gartner expert and end-user peers posing questions.

2023 sessions

  • Ask the Expert: How to Ensure Security Adapts to the Democratization of Technology
  • Ask the Expert: Ransomware Is Changing — Are You Ready?
  • Ask the Expert: Zero Trust
  • Ask the Expert: What Must I Get Right for Zero Trust to Work?
  • Ask the Expert: Incident Response Retainer — Waste of Money or a No-Brainer?
  • Ask the Expert: How to Secure Your APIs From Exploits and Abuse
  • Ask the Expert: What Is Privacy Engineering and How Can It Help Your Organization Adopt “Privacy by Design”?
  • Ask the Expert: Access Management