The cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) approach tries to solve the long-standing challenges of distinct security products working side by side but not really working together. That situation creates a siloed approach with different technologies and skill sets required to operate many different products.


  • CSMA provides a foundational support layer that enables distinct security services to work together to create a dynamic security environment.
  • CSMA provides a more consistent security posture to support increased agility for the composable enterprise. As organizations invest in new technology to enable digitalization, CSMA provides a flexible and scalable security foundation that provides bolt-on security for assets in hybrid and multicloud environments.
  • CSMA creates a better defensive posture through a collaborative approach between integrated security tools and detective and predictive analytics. The outcome is enhanced responsiveness to breaches and attacks.
  • Cybersecurity technology delivered through this model takes less time to deploy and maintain, while minimizing the potential for security dead ends that cannot support future needs. This frees cybersecurity teams for more value-added activities.