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While we build the agenda, take a look at the type of research you can expect at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2022.

Understanding widespread security threat trends helps create security issue awareness, but often it is not the best focus for security teams. Security and risk management leaders should confront the threat landscape based on a continuous assessment of threat and business evolutions.

By 2027, 50% of midmarket security buyers will leverage eXtended detection and response (XDR) to drive consolidation of workspace security technologies, such as endpoint, cloud and identity.

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How to Set Practical Time Frames to Remedy Security Vulnerabilities

It might be possible to patch every Windows system at a large global bank within three days, but the business disruption required would probably be unacceptable. Security and risk leaders should tie vulnerability management practices to your organization’s specific needs and not to a mythical standard.

Three Initial Steps to Address Unsecure Cyber-Physical Systems

Business-led Internet of Things or converged OT-IT projects have largely underestimated or ignored security and safety risks. Security and risk management leaders must go beyond data security by embracing cyber-physical system security efforts, or they will soon be overwhelmed by new threats.

Opportunities and challenges:

  • Prioritize discovery of all CPS in their environment. They should identify specific CPS security controls already in place, determine what existing IT security controls can address CPS vulnerabilities, and document gaps in preparation for an action plan.

  • Anchor security strategy, governance and tactics to the business value that CPS directly support, and to vertical industry needs. This industry-centric approach will be the most helpful way to deliver tangible and beneficial results, particularly in critical infrastructure sectors.

  • Focus on one tangible governance and one pragmatic technical challenge at a time initially, and then iterate. Security changes in operational and mission-critical environments mandate caution, and both technological and cultural changes need to be thoughtful.

Threat and vulnerability management, cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and more will be covered in depth at this year's conference. Seats are filling fast. View Pricing

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