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Marty Resnick
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Marty Resnick

VP Analyst
Marty Resnick is a Vice President on Gartner's Technology Innovation team based in Atlanta, GA (USA). Marty's primary focus areas are Continuous Foresight, Futurism, Storytelling, Innovation, Design Thinking, Human Augmentation, Immersive Experiences, Metaverse, and the selection, recommendation, and implementation of strategic emerging technologies through trendspotting, tech radars, and the emerging tech wheel.

Marty is also a co-lead for the Gartner Futures Lab. The Gartner Futures Lab is Gartner's home for futuristic and more speculative research. Here we explore uncharted new mission-critical priorities for the business. The Gartner Futures Lab has four pillars:
(1) Maverick research - where analysts can explore counterintuitive minority positions.
(2) Trends - what is driving business across roles, industries, or regions?
(3) Disruptions - what do we need to consider that will change how we work?
(4) Critical Uncertainties - which future scenarios do we need to anticipate?

Work in Gartner Futures Lab ideally starts with asking the question, "What if...?"

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