Rabia Siddique
Guest speaker

Rabia Siddique

International Humanitarian Lawyer, Hostage Survivor, Best-selling Author
Rabia Siddique is is a criminal and human rights lawyer, a former terrorism and war crimes prosecutor, retired British Army officer and author. She is a sought after transformational coach and mentor and speaks English, French, Spanish and Arabic. Rabia’s powerful and engaging presentations on leadership, resilience, equality and diversity, draw on her personal story of strength, courage and forgiveness, in addition to her legal, military and psychology training. Surviving a hostage crisis in Iraq, Rabia garnered global attention for making the British military accountable for silencing her ordeal as a military lawyer in releasing captured Special Forces soldiers. Standing up for justice in the face of public ridicule, Rabia’s brave action in suing the British Government for sexism and racism became a catalyst for policy change to ensure a fairer workplace for women and cultural minorities in the British military. Rabia is an expert commentator, regularly appearing in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online media in Australia and around the globe, including The Guardian, 60 Minutes and ABC television. With her best-selling memoir Equal Justice also the focus of a feature film, she is now writing her second book.
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Tuesday, 28 July, 2020 03:30 PM|Tuesday, 28 July, 2020 04:15 PM
Guest Keynote: Courage Under Fire: Embrace Resilience, Focus, Discipline and Authenticity

We live in an exciting, challenging, volatile, dynamic world. There is so much that happens around us and to us that is beyond our control. As a planet, we have never been more connected, but as communities and individuals we have never felt so overwhelmed, disengaged and alone, and have never been so vulnerable and at risk. We don’t have a choice about many of these things, but we have a choice about how we react to those events that we can’t control. A former war crimes and terrorism prosecutor, international humanitarian, retired British Army officer, hostage survivor and mother of triplets, Rabia’s story of courage, strength and resilience, and her commitment to truth, justice, equality and authentic leadership, defines her and sets her apart as a sincere, charismatic and remarkable individual. Having battled abuse, discrimination, chronic health problems and trauma, Rabia is more than just a survivor. She is a fighter, trail blazer, eternal optimist and thought leader. By sharing her unique and powerful story, as well as her truths and learnings, Rabia will provide you with the attitude and tools to empower you, free you from that which is holding you hostage, enable you to display the courage under fire you will at times need to become the best version of yourself, an ethical and effective leader, and an agent for change.

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