Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

27 – 28 July 2020 | Sydney, Australia

Cancellation of Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2020 in Sydney

With continued uncertainty relating to travel restrictions, government directives and reports from leading health organizations, Gartner has made the decision to reevaluate its conference portfolio for the remainder of 2020. As a result, we have made the decision to cancel the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, scheduled to take place in Sydney, 27 – 28 July 2020.

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Balance risk, trust and opportunity in an uncertain world

Trade disputes. Political turmoil. Economic volatility. Climate change. Global conditions and the societies our enterprises operate in are becoming increasingly turbulent and unpredictable. And more uncertainty means more risk. Since every organization depends on its technology resources, security and risk leaders must come to grips with this new risk reality.

But turmoil also presents opportunity, and digitalization may offer innovative ways to navigate uncertainty. Digitalization itself is not without risk, though. The immaturity and complexity implicit in digitalization present additional challenges.

Join Gartner experts and your peers at this year’s conference to share valuable insights on establishing an effective, risk-based cybersecurity program that produces an appropriate mix of preventative, access, detection and response controls for your organization. Enable your organization to understand the risks and seize the benefits of our increasingly changeable, digital world.

It’s who you know

Interact with more than 600 peers to share implementation lessons learned. Network and gather meaningful insights to act on when you return to the office.

Elevate your strategy

Leave with the tools you need to achieve your mission-critical priorities and help your organization thrive in the evolving digital landscape. 

Leading solutions

Staying competitive means remaining future-focused. Explore the latest technologies that are changing the IT security and risk landscape. 

The Gartner difference

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We equip leaders and their teams in every major business function with the indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organizations of tomorrow. Across every industry and enterprise size, Gartner provides the expertise needed to tackle your key initiatives, stay ahead of competition and grow your organization’s value.

Calling all security and risk management leaders

Whether you’re a CISO looking to improve your leadership skills, a security professional who needs practical advice to accelerate progress on your next initiative, or a BCM leader trying to implement resilience practices across the organization, you’ll find your program, peers and strategic partners at this conference:

Programs at a Glance

You’ll find three comprehensive programs that cover your security and risk management key priorities and challenges. Learn how to take a strategic approach to risk, improve business and data resilience, build digital trust and implement a new generation of continuously adaptive security strategies.


Program A

Leadership and Strategy

Digital business presents CISOs with new challenges: they must understand the goals of the business, quickly identify and assess the associated risks, and recommend solutions in business terms. Learn how to hone your skills as an effective communicator, facilitator, problem solver and business leader.

Program B

Digital Risk Management

Digital business relies on digital technologies and requires risk professionals to look beyond existing risk registers. New trends, such as shifting risk assessment to front line defense, privacy and complex third-party risks, demand new governance models. To tackle these new challenges, risk leaders can leverage new digital technologies such as AI and Robotic Process Automation. The Digital Risk Management Program will give you new ideas and tools to innovate your risk management practices and form action plans.

Program C

Security Technology & Architecture

Get practical methods and long-term strategies to build a more trusted, resilient environment for digital business, and to support a more-agile-than-ever IT organization. As the threat landscape changes, learn how to evolve security programs without neglecting legacy infrastructure.

Program D

The CISO Circle

Tailored to the specific needs and perspective of chief information security officers (CISOs), the Gartner CISO Circle brings together APAC's security and risk leaders for incisive discussions on what matters in security now and what changes lie ahead.

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