Security & Risk Management Leaders 

The acceleration toward digital business continues to present security and risk leaders with new challenges. You must understand the goals of the business, quickly identify and assess the associated risks, and recommend solutions in business terms. Join us at the Security and Risk Summit to hone your skills as an effective communicator, facilitator, problem-solver, and business leader.


This conference will help Security and Risk Management Leaders:


  • Get practical techniques for managing the potential conflict with business stakeholders and reaching a successful outcome
  • Get tools to get your CEO to the table and keep them engaged so that they value the outcome of the decisions we ask for
  • Understand the Gartner Operating Model for the Information Security Function and use it to deliver against your operational and strategic objectives
  • Learn how to write a business-centric value statement for risk and security to bridge the knowledge gap with executives
  • Get clarity on the definition of cybersecurity, its taxonomy and critical areas of coverage, and establish a common language with vendors and providers
  • Learn how to think differently about your role in value preservation and value creation, and how finding sweet spots in a human to machine continuum can help
  • Learn how to craft a simple, easy to use one-page strategy to propel your program to success
  • Understand the role of the board and what they care about, the most common questions that Board Members Ask and how to flip the conversation to educate the Board on issues that they need to know about
  • Comprehend the state of AI and machine learning usage in various security and risk management areas


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Relevant sessions covered at the conference:
  • Define Cybersecurity for Your Organization — And Why You Should Care to Do So
  • Introducing the Gartner Information Security Function Operating Model
  • Manage Cybersecurity with business-facing Services and Descriptions
  • Gartner Closing Keynote: Mastering the Art of the Political Discussion
  • Gartner Opening Keynote: From Managing Risk and Security to Enabling Value Creation
  • CISO Circle: Creating a One-Page Cybersecurity Strategy That Actually Works
  • CISO Circle: How to Have an Engaging Conversation With Your CEO About Risk
  • Five Questions on Security and Risk That You Must Be Prepared to Answer at Your Board Meetings!
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Security and Risk Management


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Join fellow Security and Risk Management Leaders at this year's conference.