Dedicated Program for the Banking & Finance Sector

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit features a dedicated program that addresses top priorities for security and risk professionals in the banking and finance sector along with a series of networking and interactive sessions to meet and share best practices with your peers.


Hot topics that will be covered:


  • Cloud Security
  • Data Security & Application Security
  • Network and End-point Security
  • Security Automation
  • Incident Response
  • Fraud Prevention and Secure Payments
  • Security Monitoring and Operations
  • Analytics in Security and Risk Management


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Recommended sessions for security and risk leaders in the Banking and Finance sector:
  • Cloud Providers: The New Competitors in the Security Market
  • Keeping Clouds Compliant: Top Five CSP Characteristics for Your Cloud Requisition Playbook
  • Cloud Security Foundational and Advanced Controls
  • Case Study: Securing Cloud Applications Using Cloud Access Security Broker Technology
  • Outlook for Data Security 2019
  • How to Implement a Holistic DLP Strategy
  • Innovation in Network Security Moving From Preventing to Detecting
  • The State of Network Security in the Cloud Era
  • Endpoint Security 101: EPP/EDR Convergence Best Practices
  • Further Evolution of Modern SOC: Automation, Delegation, Analytics
  • Outlook for Security Operations
  • Three Scenarios You Should Add to Your Incident Response Plan
  • Building Incident Response Scenarios for Insider Threats
  • Why the CISO Needs to Care About Fraud, and What Can Be Done About It
  • Vendor Risk Management Is Now a Must-Have Discipline
  • Five Questions on Security and Risk That You Must Be Prepared to Answer at Your Board Meetings!
  • Handling Privacy Risk in Analytics and Machine Learning
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Security and Risk Management


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Join fellow Banking & Finance Professionals at this year's conference