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Amrit Sethi
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Amrit Sethi

Head Cyber Security
Mr. Amrit Sethi is a cyber security veteran with over three decades of rich experience in the domain.

He has been engaged in successfully advising, designing, developing, and managing technology and cyber security strategy solutions for global enterprises. He has experience in setting up practices and team to run cyber security for variety of industries, ranging from Consulting, Telecom, FMCG, Manufacturing and IT.

He has been a cyber security strategic advisor for CXOs and boards on variety of cyber matters like staffing, technology selection and managing cyber risks across technology landscape including IT and OT.

He has been instrumental in building cyber security capabilities in line with the ever-evolving technology threat landscape, he is currently engaged in strengthening the cyber ecosystem for the Adani Group as the Group Head for Cyber Security.
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Monday, 13 February, 2023 / 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM IST
Case Study: Cyber Insource / Outsource : Building Cyber Skills

This session will talk about some of the business drivers for enterprises to decide on insourcing vs outsourcing cybersecurity. The Adani Group that operates across multiple business lines is in the process of building out their cybersecurity capabilities.

The session will talk through some of the best practices and learnings in setting up an in-house security and risk management capability and team from scratch, the broad framework that was used to determine where to get started, the sequence of steps, things to watch out for, how to attract, build and retain the right skills and the role technology across IT and OT landscape.

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