Beat the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Though the conventional wisdom says that rising cybersecurity threats requires larger IT security teams, experts these days are vouching for a “leaner” approach.


And organizations leaning toward the leaner approach must observe digital business security principles:


  • Evolve security teams from being protectors of all infrastructure and data into facilitators of risk-based decisions throughout the organization.
  • Fully integrate security practices into the fabric of the organization, rather than bolting them on and enforcing them through a centralized security function.
  • Share accountability for protecting enterprise resources with business process, application and data owners — no longer is the security team solely responsible.


Gartner’s experts recommend tips to build an effective lean team:

Identify security functions that can be devolved elsewhere

Organizations first need to assess their current security team’s effectiveness in terms of which functions are working well, and which are performing sub-optimally or perhaps not at all.


Next, identify the root causes of security problems. If all is well, then perhaps there is no dedicated security organization. And this could potentially present a lack of coordination. 

Find a new home for poorly performing security functions

Once the assessments are done, organizations should identify alternative locations in the business or IT department for security functions that are under-resourced or performing sub-optimally. Or they can also be outsourced to a managed service provider.


There are, however, pros and cons of the lean approach to digital security.


It not only has the potential to alleviate the skills shortage in the cybersecurity field, but also help build a broad understanding of security matters and drive informed decision-making.


A disadvantage could be the disruption of coordination as the security roles and responsibilities fragment.


Get more insights on how to take a lean approach to staffing as demand for the IT security talent grows at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019 from August 26-27 in Mumbai.

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