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昭輝 鴨志田

昭輝 鴨志田

Security Principal Officer, Cyber Security Department, IT Solution Division

Akiteru Kamoshida joined Recruit Technologies in December 2014, and has developed strategies for security monitoring and vulnerability management, focusing on incident response support for the Recruit Group. He currently serves as the Recruit-CSIRT representative, while also bringing his expertise to governance and consulting. Writings: 『実践CSIRT 現場で使えるセキュリティ事故対応』(Practical CSIRT for responding to security incidents in the field) (Nikkei BP, co-authored with Recruit-CSIRT members)

Tuesday, 06 August, 2019 11:15 AM|Tuesday, 06 August, 2019 12:00 PM

Guest Keynote: Security to survive in a new era Reflecting on Recruit's own efforts

As both businesses and threats rapidly diversify and change, it is a headache for many organizations to achieve and maintain effective security practices.
In this session, I will reflect on Recruit's efforts, including CSIRT, SOC, and building security governance, and offer suggestions on how organizations can realize security that keeps pace with internal and external changes.

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