Makiya Nami
Case study

Makiya Nami

General Manager, General Affairs & IT Operation Dept.
Joined Sojitz Corporation in 1994.
Mr. Nami built his career in the Finance Department and Accounting Department.
After completing an overseas assignment to Europe, Mr. Nami was appointed as General Manager of the General Affairs & IT Operation Department.
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Thursday, 07 October, 2021 / 01:35 PM - 02:05 PM JST
(12:35 AM - 01:05 AM EDT)
Case Study: Sojitz Initiatives to Address IT Security in Global Business

As a general trading company engaged in a wide range of businesses globally, Sojitz must regulate IT security at Group companies across multiple countries and industries. In today's business climate, there is an even greater need to both increase security and ensure business continuity than in the past. This lecture will introduce the security regulations in place at Sojitz and the techniques used to raise awareness of security issues.
In addition, Mr. Nami will discuss the measures Sojitz is undertaking in response to the increase in remote work resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, such as local breakout, patch distribution and other client management processes, and EOL.

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