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Masaki Kamizono
Guest speaker

Masaki Kamizono

Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, University of Hyogo
Chief Technology Officer of Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber LLC, Head of Deloitte Tohmatsu Advanced Research Laboratory of Cyber and Visiting Associate Professor of University of Hyogo, and have served as Research Engineer of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and had worked as Research and Development Engineer of a Security Software Company. Consistently engage in research and development of cyber security, cyber intelligence and satellite domains in line with the times to establish new core technologies of those domains and develop software products and solution services for those domains. In parallel, provided advisory for emergency incident response and supported independent committee members. Also, served as project manager for large-scale national projects and for social implementation utilizing research and development results. In addition, published research articles, delivered lectures, and serves as a government expert committee member, and also contributes to human resource development by supporting academic societies and university faculty members. Received Cybersecurity Encouragement Prizes of Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.
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Wednesday, 27 July, 2022 / 09:30 AM - 10:15 AM JST
Guest Keynote: Cybersecurity measures in the private organizations to enable economic security

As the international situation and the world economy are in turmoil, cyberattacks and disinformation are used to achieve the goals against adversary nations and organizations, then posing a major threat to people's lives and economic activities. During such a chaotic period of time, how should private organizations and countries confront cyberattacks?
In this lecture, I explain "realistic and sustainable cybersecurity measures" in the private organization for economic security based upon recent cases.

Wednesday, 27 July, 2022 / 03:05 PM - 04:05 PM JST
Roundtable: What CISO Need to Know About Cybersecurity Evolution

CISO has important role to make a cybersecurity decision quickly and strategically. In this session, we will invite a speaker Masaki Kamizono, University of Hyogo, from our Guest Keynote session to discuss what CISO need to know about cybersecurity evolution.

Join us to hear from Gartner experts and thought leaders.