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Mayu Yamaguchi
Guest speaker

Mayu Yamaguchi

Specially Appointed Professor of Shinshu University, Doctor of Laws, New York Bar
Born in Sapporo in 1983.
Graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo
After working as a Ministry of Finance employee and a lawyer, studied abroad at Harvard Law School (LLM).

After returning to Japan, completed the doctoral course at the Graduate School of Law and Political Science, the University of Tokyo. Doctor of Law
April 2020, Shinshu University Specially Appointed Associate Professor
April 2021, Shinshu University Specially Appointed Professor (current position)
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Wednesday, 27 July, 2022 / 01:15 PM - 01:45 PM JST
Guest Keynote: The New Norms Coming to Japan - Political Correctness

Political correctness has become a major theme in recent years as one of the reputational risks for companies. This session will explain the latest situation of “Political Correctness” with topics from the U.S., which is ahead of Japan in this era of “diversity”.

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