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Midori Inaba
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Midori Inaba

Associate Professor at Institute of Information Security
Midori Inaba, Ph.D in Psychology, is an Associate Professor at Institute of Information Security. She develops research in the areas of cybersecurity and safety, with emphasis on Psychology and human factors. In particular, her research focuses on risk management interventions such as education, risk communication, and nudge aimed at improving decisions and behaviors toward risks. She is or has been a member of national and organizational committees relative to public transport safety assurance and development of digital human resources.
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Thursday, 27 July, 2023 / 12:55 PM - 01:40 PM JST
Guest Keynote: Difficulties in viewing cyber risks as our own - Internal barriers to managing cybersecurity in organizations

Today, few organizations or employees are unaware of the importance of cybersecurity. However, there are countless examples of organizations that are reluctant to implement cybersecurity interventions and employees who fail to comply with information security policies. One of such reluctance and failure is the inability to perceive the likelihood of cybersecurity incidents or troubles occurring to themselves. The session will illustrate how we have difficulties to see cyber risks as our own. The speaker hopes that this session will contribute to a better understanding of human characteristics and the promotion of cybersecurity management.

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