Experience an objective, strategic digital utilities perspective

Continuing pressure on the utility sector, in particular democratization of energy provisioning, fueled by the confluence of sustainability concerns and exponential innovation in consumer energy technology is disrupting utilities and challenging traditional business models.

To succeed during challenging times, utilities will have to reinvent their business by leveraging digital technology to become both agile and resilient. That will require a buildup of a digital technology infrastructure to improve observability and orchestration of an increasingly diverse ecosystem of partners beyond meters.

Program overview

We offer a mix of strategic and operational advice, highlighting topics such as intelligent operations, composable architecture. Also, the program provides lessons from digital dragons, which dominate their markets by building digital technology infrastructure to leverage consumer technology innovation. 

Whether you’re looking to validate your strategy, enhance your professional network or simply reconnect with peers face-to-face, the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ journey is curated to provide guidance in the areas most meaningful to your organization.

Watch our session on strategic technology trends from last year’s conference, addressing areas with disruptive potential and setting the stage for innovation over the next five years.

Accelerate toward your goals

Each element of the conference is designed to build upon the others, providing avenues to dive deeper and access to some of the greatest minds in IT to help you plan your next steps in pursuit of key opportunities and challenges.

From large-group keynotes setting the stage for emerging technology and trends and sessions featuring Gartner experts and external thought leaders, to small-setting roundtables and workshops — all the way to personalized one-on-one interactions with Gartner experts — you have a variety of ways to discover new insights, engage and validate your strategy, and walk away ready to make smarter, faster decisions.

  • Hear from the brightest minds about current ideas that can inspire your strategy and deliver transformative results through insightful keynotes and topic presentations.
  • Attend sessions facilitated by Gartner that challenge you to solve problems and exchange ideas with your peers, allowing you a practical approach through hands-on learning.
  • Take advantage of special programming designed to engage with conference insights through the lens of a specific role or organizational size, or through a high priority, such as diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Understand how key topics apply to specific industries, and network with peer industry leaders and Gartner experts who know your business.
  • Two one-on-one meetings with a Gartner expert to directly address your key initiatives and challenges, tailored to the expert answers you need
  • Roundtable sessions to connect with peers from leading organizations to discuss relevant topics, inspired by the latest research and hosted by a Gartner expert
  • Peer networking events designed for natural conversations away from a screen
  • Access to our IT Xpo, including the leading technology solution providers innovating essential business capabilities

View our 2022 agenda, targeted to provide the research, guidance and tools to enable you to successfully lead your organization’s digital transformation initiatives for maximum impact.

Utilities session highlights

  • Utilities: Delivering Digital Infrastructure to Accelerate the Energy Transition

  • Ask the Expert: How Composable Architecture Drives Utility Customer Engagement?

Recommended sessions for IT leaders in utilities

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  • Cybersecurity Strategy Planning Best Practices

  • Build the Right Cloud Operating Model to Deliver Better Business Outcomes

  • How to Build a More Security-Conscious Corporate Culture That Actually Reduces Cybersecurity Risks

  • Composability Starts With Business Architecture

  • The Future of Data and Analytics: Reengineering the Decision 2025

  • AI Strategy: From Plan to Execution

  • Accelerate Sustainability With AI, IoT and Blockchain

Take the opportunity to meet with a Gartner expert who specializes in the utility sector while attending Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo. Each conference ticket includes two one-to-one meetings with a Gartner expert to explore any topic of your choosing.

Zarko Sumic

Distinguished VP Analyst

Great energy, concepts and powerful messages delivered succinctly! Impressive speaker lineup.

Radhika Khandelwal

IT Strategy and Planning, Vanguard