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Mark Lenzner
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Mark Lenzner

Executive Director ICT / Digital Sourcing
Mark Lenzner is the Executive Director, ICT / Digital Sourcing within the Digital NSW Division of the Department of Customer. In this role Mark is responsible for the design, implementation and management of the NSW Government ICT and Digital Sourcing policies and frameworks, establishment and governance of Whole of Government arrangements, panels and marketplaces managing strategic partnerships and the transformation of our digital procurement systems. Mark is currently focused on making it easier to do business with the NSW Government, diversifying the partnership ecosystem and spend, driving a more strategic, diverse and innovate engagement with industry and contributing to the growth of the domestic technology sector.
Mark joined the NSW Government in January 2019. Prior to joining the NSW Government Mark spent 25 years in the private sector in major Australian organisations in the financial services, air transport services, telecommunications and event management industries and a global management consultant. For the majority of this time Mark held roles focused on ICT and Digital sourcing and strategic supplier relationship management.
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Monday, 12 September, 2022 / 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM AEST
Executive Insights Q&A: Innovation Procurement Pathways: Enabling Co-Development and Innovation in Public Sector Procurement

The NSW Government is creating innovation procurement pathways to make it easier to find and develop the best solutions to problems people face in NSW. NSW Government already has a strong innovation procurement practice in digital accelerators and in agencies with more mature and resourced procurement functions. However, additional tools and resources are needed to enable buyers to confidently engage industry to assess, codesign and/or buy leading edge ICT & Digital products and services with agility, while meeting probity, value and transparency principles. The project is building and testing tools and service enablers that allow buyers to navigate risk and reward, and adapt, trial and scale solutions to meet buyer unique needs to deliver desired project outcomes. This session will focus on the key enablers and key challenges facing Buyers of ICT Solutions today.

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