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Mike Kovacevic
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Mike Kovacevic

A senior IT executive with experience covering multiple industries and geographies, Mike now leads the digital transformation at Catholic Education Western Australia. Building on over two decades of experience as a software development lead, project manager, agile coach and a program manager, Mike is a lifelong learner adding a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Western Australia to his list of achievements. Thriving in challenging environments, with a passion for building high-performing teams, Mike has a string of successes behind him including digital, mobile and retail (320 outlets) transformation at Racing and Wagering WA and more recently creating a world class digital platform servicing over 150 schools at CEWA. Having led as a junior manager, the release of one of the world’s earliest mobile phone banking applications in 1999, a career working on low-risk, incremental projects was never an option, resulting instead in career make-or-break roles leading technology transformations across several industries. In all instances, key to success have been the incredibly talented teams, which Mike has had the honour to lead.
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Tuesday, 13 September, 2022 / 04:00 PM - 04:45 PM AEST
Executive Insights Q&A: Agility at Scale at Catholic Education Western Australia

In 2016 CEWA commenced its digital transformation to create a single digital ecosystem connecting all of its schools and offices, eventually resulting in incorporation in 2020 of all entities under one umbrella – CEWA Limited. Working together as one, CEWA schools now have opportunities which could previously only be dreamed about, from unlocking significant economies of scale to complete digital equity across all regions. In this presentation Mike will reflect on strategic decisions and technology choices which have enabled maximum speed and agility whilst minimising risk associated with digital transformations of this magnitude.

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